MI40X Cell Expansion Protocol

There is a bizarre new cutting-edge technique used by pro fitness athletes and movie stars to pack on muscle faster than most so-called experts think is possible.

I’m not talking about a few pounds of muscle that no one but your grandma will notice…

I’m taking about head-spinning, attention-demanding muscle that puts you in a league all your own in the gym , in FAR less time than most guys train

..Without sacrificing your lifestyle to do it!

If you haven’t heard of Ben Pakulski, he is a pro-level competitive bodybuilder that is a fast-rising star on the national and world stage.  Ben is also a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where he studied Kinesiology and Biomechanics.

Do you want to add pounds of muscle each week?  This is all possible thanks to a style of training Ben has developed. A protocol that’s a whopping FOUR MINUTES LONG.

One that stimulates the production of a highly unique super recovery muscle helper cell, called satellite cells.

In over 15 years of training, I’ve never seen anything come close to
this almost ALIEN method of gaining muscle.

Here’s the secret…It’s called CEP TRAINING (Cell Expansion Protocol Training)

So, how does this weird 4-minute trick work???

First, it takes every cell in your muscle fibers. And, just like a balloon..


Normal training tears down muscle fibers and forces your body to go into crisis mode, trying like hell to repair it before your next workout

However, you can expand a cell without experiencing this recovery crisis

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, and it takes a whopping four minutes per exercise to automatically trigger the CEP Response

So, rather than ripping your fibers to shreds, you selectively stimulate them

You use the 4-minute CEP Training Principle to force every cell in every muscle into hyper-recovery mode

The BEST part of it all is that CEP Training creates the muscle you desire automatically. Your body is literally FORCED to expand its muscles cells in response to CEP Training…you give it no choice

And that gives YOU the body you want.

By now, you’re wanting to get started using CEP as soon as possible

And the question you have is HOW?

How do you get started? What do you do first?

Here’s what you need to do right away…

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